A leading drug dealer has been detained in Pazardzhik

снимка, A leading drug dealer has been detained in Pazardzhik

A leading drug dealer on the territory of Pazardjik has been detained by local police officers, police spokesman Miroslav Stoyanov said.The  23-year-old Stefan T. has been arrested during a two-day operation on Tuesday and Wednesday after a long operation.

During the search operation in the garage of the dealer, about 31 grams of dried leafy paper were found, which reacted positively to marijuana test. In the apartment of the dealer another 15 grams of synthetic cannabinoid and 6.5 grams of methamphetamine were found. During the operation, the police officers carried out an inspection in the office of a courier company in Pazardzhik as well.

There was found a dispatch for Stefan T, in which contained almost 210 grams of green leaf, which reacted positively to a synthetic cannabinoid test. In the course of the investigation it was unconditionally established that the young man is a drug dealer for the territory of Pazardjik and the nearby villages.
Initially, he has been detained for 24 hours, but the prosecution subsequently has extended this period for 72 hours.
The Court is expected to ask for a permanent arrest for the drug dealer.



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