Mexican drug cartels have Australia as a target

снимка, Mexican drug cartels have Australia as a target

Mexican drug cartels have Australia as a target, AFP reported.

The Australian police announced that a record of methamphetamine has been  seized in a joint investigation together  with the United States.

The confiscated quantity is 1.7 tons - the biggest amount of methamphetamine, seized by the United States and the largest shipment being prepared for Australia. The street drug is worth of  $ 900 million.

The illegal drug was found in containers that were designed to supply loudspeakers. It was seized in mid-January in Los Angeles Harbor - Long Beach in California. There was also a small amount of cocaine and heroin. Methamphetamine was about 17 million doses for the Australian market.

The Australian police have clarified that the investigation has revealed new connections between Australian criminal gangs and Mexican cartels. Prior to Mexican drug groups, smaller quantities of drugs have been sent.

The Australian authorities noted that the operation of the US Homeland Security Agency, the drug proliferation agency, Australia's federal police, and Victoria State Police have stopped an” ice tsunami” on the coast of the continent.

Six people have been  arrested - two Australians and two Americans in Sydney and Melbourne.

The previous record in Australia was 1.17 tons of methamphetamine in December 2017.


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